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The facts are simple.

Larry is a writer, teacher, painter and pastor. He is grateful for his education at Beloit College, Johns Hopkins University and Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. But it is life that gives him words, a love of learning that brings him to classrooms and congregations, and a call to healing that guides his ministries.

Larry is a survivor. He has lived with Type One diabetes for over 50 years, has survived two heart attacks and not one but two strokes.  Each disability became a new teacher, provided a new occasion to find life, and a new call to heal.

He has written two books, Journey of a Diabetic (1983, Simon and Schuster) and, with Gary Gunderson, the Leading Causes of Life (Abingdon, 2008). His newest book, Thresholds: Connecting Body and Soul after Brain Injury was released in April 2012 by Ruder and Finn Press.  Written with Dr. David Gumm, a neuropsychologist, tells the story of God’s disappearance, and powerful reappearance after his strokes. His next book, entitled the Geography of Healing, notes that while we assume people heal in hospitals, they actually don’t.  We heal with our families, within our churches, and in our communities. Its interviews with doctors, hospital administrators, pastors and “regular people” help us pay attention to that simple fact.

Larry has been married to Connie Pray for 41 years. They have four grown children–Tim, Ben, Andy and Emily Jane. He and Connie live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He may be reached at larrypray@gmail.com


  • Thank you Larry for your note on Dr. Roger Shinnn, who was my Ph.D. Guide during 1981-86. We remember you and Connie, Tim, Ben, Andy and Emily for all you support and care for our family. Alice, and Jacob

  • Larry – what a wonderful site – thank you for sharing such beautiful art and thoughtful writing. I’m a friend of Andy’s and I can certainly see where he gets his gift! Looking forward to reading more! Warmest, Laura

  • I own the farm buildings in your Square Butte painting. I was about fiftty when I first climbed the butte and have only been up there once or twice since. It is a very peaceful place. I can send you pictures taken from atop the butte. My cousin Judy Tureck wrote an article about living near the butte for the Great Falls Tribune. It should be in their website archives as it appeared around 2012 I believe. I missed it myselfas I was on the road working. Keep up the good work.

  • My local public library in Baltimore County, Maryland is in the process of buying Thresholds. Time to get the East Coast in on some Larry Pray wisdom and insights. Write on!

  • Larry, please know we are working on this.

    Michelle [of the Brain Injury Alliance of MN] , I need your assistance with our interest. Please redirect this email to staff involved with such things, thanks. B.i.G. facilitator Coffeejon. Copy sent to B.I.G. member Nina,

    SUBJECT: SPONSORSHIP OF AUTHOR SPEAKING IN TOWN. Who do I talk to, staff there who might consider financially renting space for a reading of the book entitled “Thresholds” , Connecting Body and Soul after Brain Injury Lawrence Pray http://www.larrypray.com/about-larry/. Please reply as to our interest in MnBIA financially sponsorship.

    B.I.G. member Nina wrote this recently:
    Hello Peggy,
    I talked to my brain injury group (B.I.G. = Brain Injury Group) and they would very much like to have Lawrence Pray come and speak to the group. (I am copying John Sherrell on this email as he is the coordinating member of the group. We don’t have a facilitator for the group who is not brain injured. All of us are, and John is the coordinator and would organize and plan this event.) When we talked at our last meeting we realized our meeting space at Boneshaker Books is pretty small so we thought we could ask the Playwright Center across the street if we could use a room there. the street if we could use a room there.
    [23rd Av. S. and E. Franklin Ave, Mpls 55404 https://maps.google.com/maps?q=%5B23rd+and+Franklin+Ave+t&hl=en&ll=44.962763,-93.239347&spn=0.00222,0.004651&hnear=E+Franklin+Ave+%26+23rd+Ave+S,+Minneapolis,+Minnesota&t=m&z=18
    They have more space, but would they need to be paid [for rental].
    Maybe the Brain Injury Alliance would be wiling to sponsor? We would like Boneshaker Books to be considered the ‘host’ of this event–get recognition/ maybe whatever a bookstore gets when they sell books??
    Anyway, I’ve started the ball rolling! I hope this is something that can be worked out.

  • Glad to do whatever I can. E-mail me at Larrypray@gmail.com, or give a call at 612-208-1202. Thanks.

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